Who is this for?

Whether your company is brand new or has been around for generations, life insurance is a useful tool for helping you reach your financial goals. Life insurance offers you a way to help protect your business, employees and family members by providing necessary resources in the event of an unexpected death.

Additionally, if you’re looking for opportunities to reduce your annual taxes payable, manage risk by diversifying your corporate assets or grow your total net worth, permanent life insurance may be a good solution for you and your business.

How will this help me?

Life insurance can provide funds to pay debts and expenses and help keep your business going if you or a key member of the team passed away.

It can also be used to build your business’s assets and help you achieve your long-term financial objectives. That’s because company funds placed in a permanent life insurance policy can grow tax-advantaged; in comparison, corporate investments are generally taxed at a higher rate. In the end, that could mean your beneficiaries and shareholders receive more money after you pass away.

Next Step

 Your decision should be made with the help of someone who really understands the product.