Who should invest in Segregated Funds

A segregated fund policy could be beneficial to anyone interested in diversifying their savings and providing protection from significant market downturns through guarantees.

A segregated fund is a collection of money distributed across a range of investments. The segregated fund is overseen by professional investment managers who are chosen using a strict and comprehensive review process. Investment managers involved in segregated funds are regularly monitored and their performance is consistently evaluated.


Segregated funds can offer you and your beneficiaries protection through maturity and death benefit guarantees. These guarantees ensure your original investment is guaranteed – either 75% or up to 100% of your original value through a “top up” at the time of your death or maturity date. (Keep in mind, however, that withdrawals decrease your guarantees proportionately.)

Segregated funds can also be flexible – once you’ve established a segregated fund policy, you can switch to a different fund at any time. You can also choose to make either lump sum or regular contributions and you can withdraw money from your segregated fund, should you need it – just keep in mind that this will affect your maturity and death guarantees.

Next Step

 Your decision should be made with the help of someone who really understands the product.