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Let’s secure the future you worked for

Whether you’re only thinking about it or are already retired, good retirement planning is what it takes to succeed. Together with our advisors, you can create a strategy and set the stage to enjoy your golden years. We’ll tailor our solutions to fit your lifestyle, habits and aspirations.

Preparing for retirement

Learn about the steps to take to prepare for your retirement and how to secure and grow your money along the way.

Transition to retirement

Once the time comes, find out how to comfortably transition your savings into retirement income and organize your assets.

Retiring for Couples

If you have a long-term partner and are planning to retire together, explore income opportunities for couples.

Talk to us

Retirement is more than drawing down a pension plan. Connect with a retirement planning partner to get expert advice.

Ready to retire? Turn savings into income.

Your retirement income comes in many forms. You may have a guaranteed income from work, Canadian (or Quebec) Pension Plan, Old Age Security and your own savings. We can help make sure that what you have is enough for the life you want, and the money you invested is available if you need it.

Registered retirement income fund (RRIF)

It’s time to live the life you saved up for. Converting your RRSP into something that can allow you to have the life you envisioned is the first step. Learn all the know-hows of this process.


Invest your savings into a stable and regular paycheque for life with a life annuity. Income annuities are an easy way to help ensure your needs are covered throughout retirement.

Take care of a legacy

Estate protection is a way to know your hard-earned legacy will be passed on to the people and causes you care about. 

It helps you protect and potentially grow your wealth, secure a smooth estate transition and avoid unnecessary fees in the process.  

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